Who I am

Steeven Labeau

I am Steeven Labeau, an artist who uses pencils, paper and a little bit of imagination to help various projects to come to life, in the domains of illustrated books, comic books or video games.

I was born on the small and sunny island of Martinique, in the West Indies. Growing up in an artistic family was a favorable context to play with brushes, pencils or felt-tip pens during a long period. When I was not drawing, I spent my time reading comic books. Plenty of them. This made me want to become a comic book artist. I was also fond of video games, making me want to get involved in creating them. To fulfill these dreams, I went to Europe to study visual communication, illustration, and comics creation.

My graduation was the beginning of a long path that I continue now as a freelance illustrator. I never stopped to learn from my projects or people, because if French is my mother tongue, my understanding of English allowed me to work with many collaborators of different origins or from other cultures.

What matters tremendously to me is to provide expressive, colorful, dynamic and neat work that brings a complete satisfaction to my clients or my co-workers; because perfectionism is one of my greatest qualities (and at the same time, one of my tiny flaws…).

What I do

I am currently working on the upcoming Games Omniverse's series Danika Dire, as a concept artist.

Atom Comics Studios, Catalytic Productions (comic studio), Green Thumb Studios, Horrorfixx Comics, La Planète de Quentin, Les Éditions des Mers Australes, OH Publishing, QEW Publishing, TBS Games, TEDxFortdeFrance, Uproar Comics, Wave Entertainment, Xist Publishing are an example of those who have previously called upon my services. Here are testimonials about what you should expect when working with me, kindly shared by some of them:

Thanks Steeven! You are an amazing artist and I'm happy to have been able to work with you. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

— AE Stueve, Writer & Managing Editor of EAB Publishing

Steeven has been one of the best artists I've worked with. Thank you for working quickly and apprising me of your progress throughout this project.

— Calee Lee, CEO of Xist Publishing

Steeven does NOT disappoint! I've used him for my personal project […] And I can personally say that his work is top notch. Give him a try if you want quality lettering!

— Lee Milewski, Independent Comic Creator

Let's get in touch

For any question, comment or suggestion, feel free to reach me through the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.